So my mom and I are getting a cat soon (or eventually)

I’ve wanted a cat for like two months and up until yesterday, I was set on naming it “Eddie” (can you guess why?)

And then I realized that I have an uncle named Edward, and that people call him Eddie. I wouldn’t really care, except that I hate him more than I can possibly hate any other member of my family, nor have I ever hated anyone more in my life.

I wouldn’t want such a beautiful and important part of my life to remind me of someone who I considered not that far from satan.

So I ran down the list of other possible cat names that I had written… (Among these are Billy, Mike, Flea, Saul, Ash, Fru, Paul, Nick, Ricky…) and at the top of this list is “Jerry.” I don’t know why I feel such a strong cat connection to that name in particular, (although it is named after Jerry Cantrell) it just seems so… right and I can totally see myself talking to a cat with that name.

So Jerry it is, then. And if for some reason we get a female cat:

Venus, Evie, Jess, Bree, Misty, Ashley, Leah, Michelle, Jen. (Most likely Venus. the other names fucking suck as you can see.)