favorite songs of all time. ever. (31/?)

my wave by soundgarden.

Take, if you want a slice, if you want a piece, if it feels right
Break, if you like the sound, if it gets you up, if it takes you down
Share, if it makes you sleep, if it sets you free, if it helps you breathe
Cry, if you want to cry, if it helps you see, if it clears your eyes
Hate, if you want to hate, if it keeps you safe, if it makes you brave
Pray, if you want to pray, if you like to kneel, if you like to lay

Don’t come over here and piss on my gate
Save it, just keep it off my wave.






Soundgarden - Beyond the Wheel


Soundgarden | Ugly Truth


"We’re all independent songwriters, and we all really have our own influences separately, which kind of makes our records and our sound somehow fall together as being kind of a hybrid." — Chris Cornell